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Specification:Price List of Woven Bag Making Machine
No. Name & Description Model Quantity U. Price
( USD) Sum
( USD)
1 Economic Flat Yarn Making Machine SJ-FS5.5-110IB/ 600 1set 54, 500 54, 500
2 Six-Shuttle Flat Cam Circular Loom S-YZJ-850/ 6S 6sets 19, 000 114, 000
3 Manual Bag Cutting Machine CD-II 1set 2, 500 2, 500
4 Bobbin 12000Pcs 0, 8 9, 600
5 Spare Parts A lot 6, 000 6, 000
Total Price ( Franco Jkt, USD) 186, 600

Payment : Down Payment 40 % ; The second payment 50% after BL Issue
For the last payment 10 % After test running and istalling

. Quality Guarantee: 1 year, excluding spare parts or mar due to man.. Engineering Server & Charges: We will dispatch 2 technicians, it will take about 20-30 workdays for installation and start up commissioning. Relevant charges, including round trip ticket, accommodation cost traffic cost, USD45of salary per person every day, etc, should be paid by the buyer.
1. SJ-FS5.5 Series PP/ PE Flat Yarn Making Machine( Extruder)
This machine uses the PP or HDPE material to produce tapes for PP woven bags weaving through production procedures of material heating & extruding, splitting the film into tapes, tapes stretching & forming and tapes winding on the bobbins by winding machine, and then put the bobbins with tapes on circular loom for weaving. This machine can use all kinds of materials, such as 100% recycled materials, power materials or pellet materials. Its screw and cylinder and other important parts adopt special alloy steel.
Main Technical Parameters
Model SJ-FS5.5-110IB/ 600
Diameter of screw 110mm
L/ D ratio of screw 20: 1
Revolution of screw 10-55r/ min
Motor power of extruder 18kw
Heating power of extruder 24kw
Width of die-lip 600mm
Diameter of drum 320mm
Number of arch heating plate 2pcs
Heating power of the plate 15kw
Stretching ratio 4-7
Production capacity 30-80kg/ h
Winding speed 20-150m/ min
Number of winder 100 spindles
System installed capacity 98kw
Normal operational capacity 64kw
Weight 8000kg
Overall dimensions( LxWxH) 235000x2500x1800mm

2 SJ-YZJ-850/ 6S Flat Cam Six-Shuttle Circular Loom
1.The cam driving unit has been optimum designed and created to ensure long time running and less electrical and spare parts consumption.
2.World top advanced weft detecting system is extracted to increase to auto running and effective of the machine and also rejects can be reduced by the same.
3.Advanced weft detecting system is used to reduce the rejects and seconds.
4.Advanced synchronous electrical control system for main motor and hauling off unit is adopted to ensure the fine smooth and flat weaving performance.

Main Technical Parameters
Model S-YZJ-850/ 6S
Number of shuttle 6 pcs
Speed of main shaft ( rpm) 100-180r/ min
Production Capacity( 10x10) 1.8-2.55m/ min
Working width/ double flat( mm) 350^ 850mm
Number of warp tape 720
Inside diameter and length of core ¦ 30^ 38× 230mm
Weft bobbin diameter Max.¦ 115mm
Power of main motor 3Kw
Dimensions ( L× W× H) 9000x2410x3100( mm)
Weight 2000kg

3. CD-aManual Cutting Machine
This machine can cut the woven cloth in roll into bag size as requirements.


Main Technical Parameter
Model CD-II
Max.width of cloth roller 800mm
Weight of cloth roller

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Name:Mr. Hendra Simbara Tjoeng [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: mjpmesinplastik@yahoo.com Y!: mjpmesinplastik
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Address:Pergudangan Pantai Indah Kapuk Blok B No. 12
Jakarta Utara 14470, Jakarta
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